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Lakewood Custom Deck Building Contractor

Welcome to Intercrus Service, your complete source for high-quality deck construction in Lakewood, WA. To meet your every need and desire, our experienced team can design and build a beautiful deck specifically for you. We transform your outdoor space into a stunning haven with unrivaled craftsmanship and dedication. Intercrus Service’s trusted deck builders will add beauty and functionality to your home. Every deck we build is a masterpiece of quality and elegance.

Choose Our Expert Deck Builders in Lakewood, WA

Intercrus Service is a premier deck building company in Lakewood, WA. Elevate your outdoor space with our skilled deck builders, who specialize in creating exceptional, long-lasting decks tailored to your specifications. We prioritize superior quality and customer satisfaction as the leading deck builder in Lakewood, WA. Our team has years of experience, so everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Trust us to bring your vision to life, increasing the value and enjoyment of your home. Intercrus Service provides exceptional professionalism and dependability in deck construction. Feel the difference as our dedicated professionals turn your dream deck into a living masterpiece.

Professional and Certified Experts

Our Lakewood deck builders are highly skilled when it comes to enhancing your deck.

We Use Quality Material

We only use top-quality material to deliver the best results.

Trusted Residential and Commercial Deck Builder in Lakewood, WA

Intercrus Service is your go-to deck building company in Lakewood, WA. We specialize in creating exceptional residential and commercial decks, whether for your home or business. In every project we undertake, our team ensures high quality, dependability, and close attention to small details. Moreover, we create durable, stylish decks that increase the appeal and value of your property using years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Intercrus Service can handle all of your decking needs in Lakewood, WA.

Interesting Facts About Lakewood

Welcome to Lakewood, WA, a city steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Did you know Lakewood used to be known as “Tacoma’s Port City”? Its remarkable transformation from a suburban area to a bustling city is on display. Lakewood offers an amazing combination of natural beauty and exciting social life, with stunning lakes like American Lake and Lake Steilacoom, as well as expansive parks like Fort Steilacoom Park.

Intercrus Service creates beautiful decks that fit in with Lakewood’s natural beauty to make it more appealing. As a reputable deck builder in Lakewood, WA, we combine outstanding craftsmanship with your vision to create outdoor spaces that blend in with the city’s charm. Our team is dedicated to improving your Lakewood experience through personalized, stunning deck designs, from peaceful lakeside decks to large entertaining areas. Experience the essence of Lakewood with a customized outdoor space—contact us today and let us bring your dream deck to life in the midst of this captivating cityscape.

Modern Designs and Architecture for Deck Building

Make It Modern with Innovative Touches

By adding cutting-edge designs and architectural elements, you can transform your deck into a modern wonder. Sleek lines, simple design, and modern materials redefine outdoor living. Intercrus Service specializes in creating decks that reflect modernism while blending in with Lakewood’s scenic beauty.

Let It Overhang for Style and Function

A deck overhang not only improves its visual appeal but also provides cover and shade. Create a stylish extension that provides protection from the elements while allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without interruption. Our knowledge as Lakewood, WA deck builders ensures a perfect balance of form and function in your modern deck design.

A Thatch Roof Adds Exotic Feelings

A thatch-style roof will add a touch of exotic charm to your deck. This one-of-a-kind roofing option adds a touch of tropical elegance to your outdoor space, transforming it into a retreat reminiscent of faraway places. Allow us to incorporate this distinct feature into your deck design, which will provide a striking contrast against Lakewood’s natural backdrop.

Use an Outdoor Umbrella or Fabric Canopy for Versatility

Add elements such as outdoor umbrellas or fabric canopies to increase the versatility of your deck. These additions not only provide shade but also add a personal touch to your outdoor oasis. We can seamlessly integrate these features with our expertise as deck builders, allowing you to personalize your space while optimizing comfort and style.

Extend the Roof for Better Protection

Extend the roof of your deck to increase coverage and create a more open outdoor space. This design improvement provides maximum protection from the elements and allows you to use your deck throughout the year. Intercrus Service specializes in creating extended roof designs that improve the functionality and beauty of your deck.

Composite Decking vs. Wood Decks

Trying to decide between composite decking and wood for your Lakewood, WA dream deck? Let’s look at the important factors to help you make an informed decision. Wood decks have a classic, natural look, whereas composite decks are durable and low-maintenance.

Many people love the classic look of wood decks, but they need to be maintained regularly to keep them from rotting, breaking down, and getting damaged by bugs. On the other hand, composite decking, which is made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastics, is durable to these issues. It is strong against fading, splintering, and insect infestations, making it an excellent long-term investment for the outdoor space of your Lakewood home.

Intercrus Service, your Lakewood deck builder, is here to help you make this important decision. Our expertise ensures a deck that complements Lakewood’s charm while meeting your lifestyle needs, whether you prefer the traditional warmth of wood or the hassle-free durability of composite. Contact us today to find the ideal decking solution for your Lakewood, WA home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What services does Intercrus Service offer?

A: Intercrus Service specializes in building high-quality decks in Lakewood, WA for both residential and commercial properties. Our passion lies in the construction of new decks that are tailored to your specific needs and desires.

What materials are used for deck construction, and what are the associated costs?

A: We have a variety of materials to suit different preferences and budgets. Wood decks and composite decks are our primary materials. Wood decks have a classic look and can vary in price depending on the type of wood used, whereas composite decks, which are known for their durability and low maintenance, may have a different pricing structure. Please contact us for a personalized quote for more detailed pricing information.

Why choose Intercrus Service as your deck builder in Lakewood, WA?

A: We are extremely proud of our quality and customer-centric approach. Our experienced team ensures that each deck we construct is not only structurally sound but also reflects your vision. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to quality, we strive to outperform your expectations on every project.

How does the deck building process work with Intercrus Service?

A: Our process is seamless and transparent, from the initial consultation to the final finishes. We begin by understanding your needs and preferences, then make recommendations, provide a detailed proposal, and begin construction once everything is approved by you. Our goal is to make the transition from concept to completion as simple as possible.

Can Intercrus Service assist in deck maintenance and repairs?

A: Absolutely. We not only build beautiful decks, but we also provide maintenance services to keep your deck looking great for years to come. Also, if your deck requires repairs or upgrades, our team is well-equipped to handle them.

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Our team at Intercrus Service is here to help you make this choice as your trusted deck builder in Lakewood, WA. Our expertise ensures a deck that complements Lakewood’s charm while meeting your lifestyle needs, whether you prefer the traditional warmth of wood or the hassle-free durability of composite. Contact us today to find the ideal decking solution for your Lakewood, WA home.

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